Photo Contest details will be available soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy our Gallery of entries from some of our past finalists and winners.

Photo credits for website:

Tom Hughes Honorable Mention/Pro Category/2017 – Website Header/ALL Pages
Uribef Finalist/Amateur Category/2017 – Looking Up Into Colorful Balloon behind 2017 Balloon Fest Logo/ALL Pages
John Zenner 1st Place/Amateur Category/2017 – Balloon at Sunset – ACTIVITIES, top image
Natalie Perry 2nd Place/Student Category/2017 – Monkey Balloon – ACTIVITIES, 2nd row, left-hand image
Sofia Fabian 1st Place/Student Category/2017 – Boy Eating Corn – ACTIVITIES, 2nd row, right-hand image
Susan Stelford 3rd Place/Amateur Category/2017 – Zip Line – ACTIVITIES, 3rd row, left-hand image
Luke Pipitone Honorable Mention/Student Category/2017 – Slim Section of Balloon – ACTIVITIES – 3rd/4th rows, right-hand image
Sofia Fabian 3rd Place/Student Category/2017 – Girl with Bubbles – ACTIVITIES, 4th row, left-hand image
Tom Hughes 2nd Place/Pro Category/2017 – Tethered Balloon at Sunset – TETHERED RIDES