John Trione of Lake Geneva Balloon Company is once again the Balloonmeister for this year’s Harvard Balloon Fest. John will be making all decisions regarding launches, with the safety of the spectators, pilots, riders and balloons of paramount importance.

Unlike previous years, the City will not be selling balloon rides. Please contact Lake Geneva Balloon Company directly if you are interested in signing up for a balloon ride:

Lake Geneva Balloon Company
phone: 262.206.3975

The City will be selling tickets for tethered rides, available late mornings and early evenings. Tickets can be purchased at the venue. The cost is $20/person.

The Glow:  The sight of hot air balloons lit up like giant lightbulbs is breathtaking. Pilots will coordinate “all burns” where they fire up their burners, illuminating their balloons all at once. They also perform “countdowns” which are crowd participatory events. The balloons will glow on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between 7:00 and 7:30 PM (weather permitting). Don’t miss this magical event at the festival as the balloons are lit up against the nighttime sky.