Campsite Reservations


The images and links below go to the Reservation page for each campsite. If you want to camp all three nights, you need to add all three days to your cart. If you want only one of the three nights, simply add your choice of nights to the Cart.

Personal Port-o-Lets are available for $100 for the duration of your visit plus a $100 deposit. The deposit is included in the order by default. 

You are permitted to have one vehicle on your campsite with the Campsite cost, but ONE additional vehicle may be added with the purchase of a Camping Parking Pass for $15/day. You must add a separate Camping Parking Pass for each day you plan on having an additional vehicle on the campsite. Campsite Parking Passes will be provided during check-in.

All orders include a 5% Non-refundable processing fee.

Bring your Printed Receipt to the Check-in Booth.

This will be how your purchase is confirmed and any additional Camping Parking Passes are issued.

For any questions, please contact

Campsite Sales have been Discontinued for this Year

Campsite Map

Please see the Harvard Balloon Fest Terms and Conditions for items specifically related to the Reservation of the Campsites and Private Port-a-Johns.


















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