Nifty Gadget Chris Keefe

PILOT NAME:   Chris Keefe

HOMETOWN:   Cross Plains, WI

BALLOON NAME:   Nifty Gadget



Nifty Gadget is a 2004 Lindstrand 90A hot air balloon based in Cross Plains, WI. The multi colored and white stripe balloon was acquired by its owner and pilot, Chris Keefe, in 2012.

Chris Keefe has been involved with hot air ballooning for over four decades. Chris is a commercial pilot having experience with balloons that range in size from around 30,000 to over 200,000 cu. ft. in volume, both standard round and special shape. Chris has participated in ballooning events throughout the midwest as well as many other areas of the US and Canada. Wheather flying for fun, participating in rallies, instructing new student pilots, or doing commercial operations, Chris enjoys sharing this fascinating sport with everyone.


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