Elevate Project

“Why Elevate?” you ask. “What does it mean?” you wonder. Well, simply stated, Elevate seems to be the only word fitting enough to describe what happens every time these nine musicians gather together to do what they love the most……make music. Lead singer and founder of The Elevate Project, J, describes it as “the knowledge that, after being together with these musicians, I just got better at what I do”. After listening to Elevate, that statement comes into vivid focus. This group has come to Elevate any situation they are blessed to be a part of; whether it be simply a rehearsal or performing for thousands of music lovers.

We guarantee that you will take notice when Elevate takes the stage; because they exist to Elevate the music and you, the audience, to a level that you did not expect. Elevate will leave you in a better place than you were before.

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