Guys with Bad Eyez

Guyz With Bad Eyez are Don Humbertson and Merv Collins. The Guyz enjoy playing a wide range of popular (and some lesser-known) tunes with energy and gusto. They toss in some solo and original tunes during their shows as well

Don Humbertson, the Maestro, a Woodstock resident, handles the lead singing duties for the Guyz along with playing his Custom Brunkalla 12-string guitar and his Martin D-35 6 string acoustic guitar. Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Leo Kottke and John Fahey are some of the performers Don has admired and been influenced by. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Don was the advertising director of the Chicago Reader.

Merv Collins, a Fingerstyle and Lead Guitarist, has been playing

music for over 4 decades. Merv’s instrumental style is influenced by Celtic, classical, bluegrass, country, folk, medieval and even some good old rock and roll music. Merv’s current instrument line up includes his prized Taylor 714ce acoustic guitar, a Taylor NS54CE classical guitar, a Composite Acoustic 5IM CE carbon fiber guitar, a Weissenborn lap steel guitar, a Wechter Scheerhorn dobro, and a newly acquired Holloway Model 5 Harp Guitar.

Merv also handles some backup vocal chores with Guyz with Bad Eyez.

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