Important Information If you only read one this one carefully!

When near Harvard Tune to 101.3FM WHIW for Balloon Festival related information during the event.



Decisions to launch or glow are usually made within an hour of the scheduled event. WINDS GREATER THAN 8MPH may restrict balloon activities. Balloons only operate and will only be in the park to view near sunrise and sunset.

Balloon Launch windows are 5 PM-6 PM in the evening and 6:30 AM-7:30 AM in the mornings. Night Glows will start near dusk ~7:15 PM.

Can I bring my pets?

NO! Please leave your pets at home, regardless of size, training or leash. Visitors with pets may be asked to leave the park with no refunds available.

Service animals are welcome.

Maps and Directions

The Balloon Fest encourages using the Metra UPNW line. A free shuttle will be available from the Train Station to the Fairgrounds.

Maps, including an interactive Google map for directions, is available here.


Remote Parking for $10/day with a Free Shuttle is available at the Edward Village (former Motorola building).

Fairground Parking is $20/day and is available First Come, First Served. Details are available here.

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