Stellar Jim Neill

PILOT NAME:   Jim Neill

HOMETOWN:   Riverwoods, IL



Jim has been flying since 1975, with his most memorable flights in the World Championships in Montreal, a major event in Saga, Japan, and a second place finish at the 2002 National Hot Air Balloon Team Championships. Through the years he has flown in Canada, and won many events in the U.S., including winning the 1988 Kodak 3 City Tour Championship.

His most satisfying achievement is his training of son Kelly and daughter Kim, both who are now balloon pilots and fly their own balloons. His biggest supporter is Eileen, his wife, who has faithfully and more than competently followed his every flight…except those in which she was a passenger.   He and son Kelly helped build their current aerostats, PengWind and Stellar.

Jim and Eileen live in and fly throughout Lake County.


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