PH One Pete Asp

PILOT NAME:   Pete Asp

HOMETOWN:   Sullivan, WI



Born 1948 in Milwaukee, WI. I’m a lifelong Wisconsinite, currently living in Sullivan.

I worked in steel fabricating after high school and an apprenticeship, ending up as a manufacturing engineer after about ten years.

After becoming interested in ballooning through several co-workers, I purchased my first balloon with a partner and earned my Commercial LTA certificate in 1979. After establishing a passenger flight business and moving on to full time ballooning in 1982, I added a hot air balloon Repair Station and earned my Repairman certificate in 1984.

I added a Private Airplane Single Engine Land rating in 1986.

I obtained a Supplemental Type Certificate and Parts Manufacturing Approval for a balloon refueling adapter in 1989.

I was asked by the Milwaukee FAA office to become a Designated Pilot Examiner in 1990 and continue serving the ballooning community in that capacity.

I developed the “QUIK-RELEASE” in 1991. I continue to build those today and you will find pilots all over the country using them.

I built my Experimental balloon, N81826, in 1995 and still use it for fun flying.

I turned the passenger flight business over to a worthy successor after last season, but continue the repair station, student training and a few more balloon rallies.


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