Harvard Balloon Fest Terms and Conditions

2017 Campsite Reservation Terms and Conditions

CAMPSITES –  Harvard Balloon Fest Campsites cost $35 per night. Reservations must be made from www.harvardballoonfest.com via PayPal. The per night Campsite cost is subject to a non-refundable 5% processing fee.

PRIVATE PORT-A-JOHN – Campers can add a private Port-a-John on which they can install a self-provided small padlock on to prevent unauthorized use.  Cost of a private Port-a-John is $100 for the entire weekend and will require a $100 deposit in addition to the Campsite Cost and Deposit. Unfortunately, Campers who only reserve a single night but want a private Port-a-John are still subject to pay the full $100 fee and Deposit.  Deposit will be refunded if the Port-a-John is clean and has no damage.  Port-a-Johns receive service on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Both the Port-a-John Cost and Deposit are subject to a non-refundable 5% processing fee.

PARKING – No parking except in designated parking lots or on your designated camp site. You are permitted to have 1 vehicle on your campsite unless you purchase an additional Camping Parking Pass. ONE additional vehicle may be added with the purchase of a Camping Parking Pass.

WATER AND ELECTRIC – Campers must provide their own water hoses and extension cords to receive services.  Harvard Balloon Fest recommends no less than 100′ of hose and 100′ 12 gauge extension cord.

CANCELLATION POLICY – Campers may cancel their reservations before August 15th for a full refund less the Non-Refundable Processing Fee. Cancellations after August 15 will receive NO REFUNDS for the Campsite or Port-a-John.    

REFUNDS – Refunds for cancellations prior to August 15th will be processed as soon as possible.  

NO TRANSFERS –  Campsites and Port-a-Johns are NOT TRANSFERABLE to another camper.  The person reserving the campsite and/or Port-a-Johns must check-in for set up for the time reserved. 


RULE VIOLATIONS – Campers found in violation of Campsite or Festival Rules will receive NO REFUND.

2017 Photography Contest Terms and Conditions

REFUNDS – There are NO REFUNDS or replacement on lost Parking Passes, Photo Passes or for cancellations at any time for either the Entry Fee nor any associated Bundle.

NO TRANSFERS – Harvard Balloon Fest Photography Contest Entry Fees and Bundles are NOT TRANSFERABLE. The person reserving the Photography Credentials and/or Parking Passes must check-in at the Trailer/Ticket Booth

ENTRY FEES & BUNDLES – Harvard Balloon Fest Photography Contest Entry Fees cost is variable depending on the Level entered. Entry Fees must be paid from www.harvardballoonfest.com via PayPal. The Entry Fee is good for the entirety of the Festival. The Entry Fee is subject to a non-refundable 5% processing fee. The Photography Parking Pass included in the Bundle is good for Early Bird Premium Parking before Noon and Remote Parking afterward.

RULE VIOLATIONS – Photographers found in violation of Festival Rules may be asked to leave the grounds immediately and may not be allowed to submit photos for the Contest.

LAUNCH AREA SAFETY – Ballooning can be extremely dangerous to both the pilots and bystanders if safety is not paramount. Photographers must obey instructions given by Pilots, Balloon Crew Members and the Balloon Launch Area Safety Coordinator as required to maintain a safe operating area. Photographers in violation of Launch Area Safety requests may be asked to leave the grounds immediately, have their Photography Credentials revoked and may not be allowed to submit photos for the Contest.

DRONES – Drones are not permitted in any area or at any time in the Festival Grounds or Launch Area. Operating a drone during the Festival is grounds for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the Festival Grounds, having Photography Credentials revoked and the violator will not be allowed to submit photos for the Contest.






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